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Everleigh Americano

$20.00 AUD

Alcohol can only be sent to recipients in Melbourne and Geelong. 

Introducing Eveleigh's newest addition - their Americano Spritzed Cocktail! Born in the piazzas back in 1860, this classic bittersweet Italian aperitivo is the precursor to our nation’s favourite cocktail, the Negroni. Perfectly suited to pre-dinner drinking and as vibrant in colour as it is in taste. Ah, la dolce vita!

Enjoy ice cold from the bottle, or in a tall glass with ice and a slice of fresh orange.

Carbonated water, vermouth, Sweet Campari, Aperol.

Standard Drinks: 1.0 | ALC: 7.1% | Vol: 170ml |

Prior to adding alcohol to your gift, please read the following. All these conditions (as informed by Vic Gov) must be met otherwise we will contact you about your order to amend it or refund you.